Our Pastor and Elders do not have any special powers or gifts. They are just mature Christians who through prayer and by following Biblical teaching ensure that the Church remains faithful to its core principles.

Pastor and Elder: Wesley Erpen. Wesley has been the Pastor at Fatherless Barn Church for over 20 years now. He lives on site in the Church House with his wife Jackie and their children. Wes is also the Executive Director at Birmingham City Mission. To find out more about that aspect of his work look into the “who we support” section.

Rob Warner: has also been an Elder of Fatherless Barn Church for over 20 years. Rob and his wife Rose have two children. All the family is actively involved in Church life Rob is also a Gideon and the Financial Administrator for Birmingham City Mission.


Alan Harborne: has been an Elder for 6 years at Fatherless barn. He is married to Jean and has three grown up boys. Alan is retired and spends his time with his family, supporting charities.





The Church also has 4 Deacons: Louise Tout, Tim Buttery,  Matt Buttery and Paul Vanden Branden.